Currently in my work I am creating mythical bone creatures with historical references both real and imagined. The figurative skeletal pieces are historically representative of the native northern Inuit and Aleut culture.

The Zocateq is a skillfully articulated ancient skeletal animal figure created from the bones of different animals. Research indicates that the use of different animals gave the Zocateq the attributes of those animals. Zocateqs were created to be strong and powerful guardians. Traditionally Zocateqs have been strategically placed in a room to protect the inhabitants from evil spirits.

These pieces have been parcel gilt with both the water and oil techniques. They are decorated with 22 kt yellow gold and 12 kt white gold.

For me the act of creation involves the discovery, selection and rearrangement of existing organic materiels and objects. The viewer should bring some of their own experiences to these pieces and have some discoveries of their own.